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Consulting arborist and expert witness for tree litigation

Registered Consulting Arborist, RCA #459, American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA)

If you are looking for a trial-experienced expert witness or consultant with technical and practical arboricultural knowledge, please contact David L. Johnson


Dave Johnson is South Dakota’s only Registered Consulting Arborist, RCA #459, and he is the only arborist in the state with an active membership in ASCA. In fact, at the date of this writing, Dave is the only registered consultant in South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota, or Minnesota. He is South Dakota’s only graduate of ASCA’s Consulting Academy (Chicago, IL, 2002) and has met or exceeded all of the association’s education and experience requirements for membership and graduation. Mr. Johnson has written numerous professional reports subject to rigorous professional peer review processes.

Over the last fifteen years, Dave Johnson has been retained as an expert consultant (for both Plaintiff and Defendant) for numerous cases of tree-related investigations and litigation. He is experienced as an expert witness in courtroom proceedings and depositions and has written various tree appraisal reports for courtroom exhibits.

Mr. Johnson’s clients include local, state, and federal government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, and private individuals in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Consulting activities have been provided for private owners and commercial developers of forest, rural, and urban properties. He is currently involved in several tree-related cases.

Mr. Johnson’s consulting experience includes post-fire damage assessment to trees and shrubs, timber tresspass, chemical/herbicidal drift and trespass, easement and right-of-way litigation, utility and insurance litigation, tree lightning strikes and other environmental events and effects on trees. His consulting experience also includes issues associated with construction damage to trees, protection of trees during construction, tree selection, forest mensuration, and tree-related personal injuries.

Mr. Johnson is actively involved in tree appraisals, hazardous tree evaluations, and tree risk analyses. Mr. Johnson’s CV is available upon request.