Hiring the Johnson Tree Company means:

  • Trained, knowledgeable arborists
  • Industry-leading tree warranties
  • #1, unmatched tree care
  • A family-owned business, serving the community since 1980

Our commitment to service means:

  • Fair, accurate billings
  • Fast response times
  • Thoughtful consideration of your trees and your property

Trust the Johnson Tree Company for all your tree care needs.

the Johnson Tree Company is your local, fully insured tree-care provider. We comply with all OSHA, DOT, and EEO regulations. Our credentials are earned and affirmed through independent state and national oversight committees.

Our consulting arborists provide professional estimates for residences, businesses, and municipalities. Our work is completed by professional climbers and certified line clearance tree trimmers. We provide registered expert witness testimony and reliable insurance appraisals.

the Johnson Tree Company operates the largest tree spade in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Our spade provides survivable tree transplants and installations of very large trees. Other services we offer include surgeries, structural bracing, pruning, thinning, and removals of trees, hedges, and shrubs. We also provide fertilization and South Dakota-registered commercial pesticide applications. We can accurately diagnose any tree pest or disease problems you may have and offer appropriate remedial care.