Pruning & Removals

Mature trees that have been properly maintained will require very little structural pruning. However, there are times (especially following damaging storms) when some maintenance pruning or restorative pruning may be necessary. Pruning of this type enhances your tree’s health, appearance and structure.

Benefits of periodic pruning include removing dead, damaged, and broken branches, reducing the weight of heavy extremity branches, thinning to reduce wind resistance and culling the tree’s crown and inner branches/leaves for symmetry.

the Johnson Tree Company specializes in precarious or problematic removals that require immeasurable skill in heavy rigging operations and aerial roping and climbing. This type of tree work can be life-threatening and demands extreme vigilance for above-ground safety techniques.

the Johnson Tree Company has the experienced crew members with the proper skills, tools, and equipment to handle any large or hazardous removal. the Johnson Tree Company is fully insured for your protection and for ours.”>pruning